Architecture for Teens – A Beginner’s Book for Aspiring Architects

A practical introduction to architecture for aspiring teen architects

Architecture for Teens - A Beginner's Book for Aspiring Architects
Architecture is a fascinating, diverse field that blends technology, creativity, engineering, and even psychology. Discover the possibilities with this in-depth choice in architecture books for teens. Delve into the world of architecture, learn about recent innovations in sustainability and inclusivity, and uncover the details behind real architectural projects.

Explore an overview of architectural movements and designers from prehistory to modern-day, and check out inspiring interviews with working professionals. With tons of practical advice for pursuing a career, you’ll find out how you can become an architect and help build an environmentally responsible world from the ground up!

Go beyond other architecture books for teens with:

Architecture essentials―Get to know the five basic elements of architecture: structure, program, economics, aesthetics, and region.
Creative career options―Learn what it means to work in residential or industrial architecture, specialize in historic preservation, create landscapes, innovate in urban planning, and more.
Real-world examples―Go behind the scenes on real architectural projects with colorful illustrations, breakdowns of the design process, and thoughtful examinations of their impact.

Learn all about the role of an architect with this comprehensive selection in architecture books for teens. Buy now

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