History of the World Map by Map

Explore the history of the world in unprecedented detail with this ultimate guide to history throughout the ages. 

History of the World Map by Map
Maps don’t just show us where to go, but also where we’ve been. If you’re interested in finding out more about the biggest events in world history, then this book all about history of the world is perfect for you!

This stunning history book for adults starts with the evolution and migration of our oldest ancestors out of Africa. You can then look up maps about the Greece and Persian War, the Mongol Conquests, Medieval Europe’s trade routes, and the rise of the Ottomans. Explore maps about the colonization of North America, the scientific revolution, Napoleon’s advances, and Britain’s control of India. Then uncover the history of later centuries, such as the Age of Imperialism, the American Civil War, industrialized Europe and the transformation of Japan.

Journey into past like never before as you uncover:

– Easy-to-read text panels for a deeper understanding of history
– A total of 140 maps alongside stunning pictures and informative timelines
– Storytelling maps to bring history to life
– Published in association with the Smithsonian Institution in the USA.

Bursting with striking illustrations and full of fascinating detail, this history book is the ultimate gift for map lovers, history enthusiasts of all ages and those who enjoy visiting museums and other historical sites, whether as a present for dad, or handy reference guide for any other history lover in your life! History of the World Map by Map aims to help you gain a strong understanding of some of the forces and movements across continents that have shaped our world!

Go on guided tour through time and explore:

– Prehistory 7 MYA-3000 BCE
– The Ancient World 3000 BCE – 500 CE
– Middle Ages 500-1450 CE
– The Early Modern World 1450-1700
– Revolution and Industry 1700-1850
– Progress and Empire 1850-1914
– The Modern World 1914-Present

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So why stop there? The Map by Map series includes other titles such as History of the World Map by Map and World War II Map by Map, each detailing historical events and placing them in the context of geography. DK’s luxurious Map by Map books are fantastic history gifts, packed with fascinating facts, high-quality photography, and detailed profiles and descriptions of people and events
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