Medicine – The Definitive Illustrated History

See the greatest medical breakthroughs come to life through superb illustrations!

From ancient herbal medicine to traditional Chinese medicine, take a visual tour throughout the history of medicine with this comprehensive medical reference book.

Medicine - The Definitive Illustrated History
Discover medicine through time! Here’s what you’ll find in this illustrated history book about medicine:

   • Offers a broad and accessible visual history of medicine — from the first herbal remedies to efforts surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic
   • Intriguing narratives are illustrated with photographs, paintings and artifacts
   • Offers a vivid, compelling and informative read written in an engaging and colorful style
   • Excerpts from documents, diaries and notebooks offer fascinating eyewitness accounts

This medicine history book charts fascinating developments in diagnosis, surgery, healing and drugs through the ages. Feature spreads explore key medical concepts in detail and enhance the reader’s understanding of human anatomy, surgical instruments and medical developments. 

Clear diagrams explain major diseases like cancer, and trace the progression of medical treatment through time, from ancient healing arts to scurvy and smallpox to modern psychiatry. Double-page features tell the story of the men and women involved in the extraordinary evolutions of this scientific field — from Hippocrates to Florence Nightingale.

It’s the perfect book for medical professionals, students of medicine or anyone with a keen interest in medicine, science or social history. Buy now

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