The Elements Book – A Visual Encyclopedia of the Periodic Table

Packed with more than 1,000 incredible images and full of fascinating facts, this children’s book takes you on a visual and vibrant journey of all the chemical elements that make up our world.

The Elements Book - A Visual Encyclopedia of the Periodic Table
This eye-catching encyclopedia for kids is the perfect guide to the 118 chemical elements of the periodic table, for budding young scientists to explore. It explores the naturally occurring elements, as well as the man-made ones, and explains their properties and uses. This engaging encyclopedia for children aged 9-12, shows the many natural forms of each element, as well as a wide range of both everyday and unexpected objects in which it is found, making each element relevant to the child’s world!

Celebrate your child’s curiosity as they explore:

– Striking and detailed diagrams, drawings and illustrations on every page
– A highly visual approach to learning 
– Ideal combination of colorful diagrams with infographic text boxes
– Showcases chemical elements in their pure and raw forms
– In association with The Smithsonian Institution

This captivating kids encyclopedia takes a look at all 118 elements on the periodic table, from Hydrogen to Helium, Potassium to Polonium, calcium to carbon and so much more! The striking illustrations, photographs and diagrams featured throughout provide an optimum visual learning experience for both children and adults alike, accompanied by an array of fun facts all about your favorite elements, and lesser-known ones like Terbium, Thallium and Boron – with easy-to-read accessible text for readers aged 9-12, yet can be enjoyed by the entire family, making this enthralling children’s encyclopedia a beautiful and educational gift that can be passed down generations.

Learn all about the world one picture at a time!

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